Sunday, November 16, 2014

Open Top, Open Side

Goro & Niko love playing food game.

They gather around puzzle box when
it's about time for the game.

Especially Niko, who is usually reserved,
gets very energetic.

Niko = Food game master

He wants to play game with you, Katie san!

Fishing out of glass? Piece of cake!

Any shape of glass.

Goro often gets left behind...

Sorry for Goro, but 
I find his sour face very cute :-)

Don't worry. I make sure Goro
gets snack, too.


One day...

Instead of standing the glass as usual, I lied it
down. No particular reason, just for a change.

To my surprise...

Niko, go from the side.

Then came Goro!

It was interesting to learn their
strong and weak sides.

And sorry for Niko, but
I found his sour face very cute :-)

Don't worry. I make sure Niko
gets snack, too!

Food game is played under supervision and
kids always get the same amount of snack :-)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Toy Fish

While back (way back,) I saw this fish at
Stunning Keisha's fun post here. I was
fascinated and got one for Goro & Niko.

Come on, kids.
Mom got a fish for you.

Goro, don't fall.
(Though, it might make funny video if he does...)

Nothing, nothing.
(That was an evil thought!)

I love this fish. Entertaining for kids! Much
more fun than the dancing fish I got earlier.

* Switch on *

It was COMPLETELY ignored.


Here is Niko with his big fish :-)

We fish...wish you all a happy new week!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Trick or Treat

Hello, everyone! Did you have fun Halloween?

We didn't do anything special, but I wanted
to take some Halloween pictures with kids.

That is Halloween cat, Goro.
Pose and say cheese!

Um, you covered the Halloween cat.


Photo shoot failed.

Instead, we had Trim-and-Treat.

There is always treat after nails are done :-)

Goro & Niko played Trick-or-Tussle.

Of course, tussle!

Tummy-is-Treat for me :-)

Here is scary Halloween photo:
Creepy hand, thirst for kitty tummy

But now, good-by to October.
We wish you all happy November!



Sunday, October 26, 2014

Niko's 5th Birthday

I move wand toy under clothes.

Niko loves to chase it!


No, Niko was not hurt, whew!
On October 25, he turned 5 years old safely :-)

Happy birthday, Niko. You are our sweet and
gentle (and maybe a bit clumsy sometimes)
baby boy. We love you just the way you are!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dental Care

When we adopted Goro in 2009, we started
dental care by tooth brushing and dental chew.

It worked for Goro. So when we adopted Niko
in 2010, we started the same dental care for him.

Sadly, Niko quickly developed gingivitis.
He had the 1st dental cleaning at early age 1.

Since then, we tried many popular dental care
products. None really worked for Niko :-(

That is #1 reason why
we started kids on a raw diet.

Along with new supports.


First, neither Goro nor Niko showed
interest in raw chicken neck.

But kids LOVED it in freeze-dried raw form.

In fact, they got quite excited. are a bit scary.

Niko, wait! Eat on the plate!

Gradually, they got used to it...

Got good table manner, too :-)

* Always supervise when kitties eat bone!

So far, this dental care regimen has worked best
for Niko, though he may still need dental cleaning
in the near future (maybe next year.) We do
our best to keep his teeth as healthy as possible.

By the way, I got chicken feet recently. Thought
they might clean teeth and kids enjoy chewing.

It was NOT well-received...


Note! I don't mean this is the best care. Every kitty is
different. Information on dental care items here is
based only on my amateur web research and choices
are made to suit Niko's condition after trial & error.